I never wrote a scary story before...

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I never wrote something scary before like combining EBF and Creepypasta, but here's my chance. Enjoy! (WARNING: Story may frighten you! I suggest that you read without screaming.)


EBF Creepypasta letter

After defeating Godcat, the EBF team decided to move on, without Anna of course. One day, Anna received very terrible news: Matt, Natalie and Lance got an accident and they died. Of course, Anna got  frustrated, after all, she just met some new friends and the three of them died.

Years pass and Anna grew into a beautiful woman. She became the head ranger in Greenwood Village. When she went back home, she found a mysterious letter, from Matt. Shocked, she quickly ripped the envelope and read the letter inside.

Dear Anna,

We missed you so much, especially Lance. We couldn't visit you, but could you visit us? We're in the town where we started to look for Akron before. We live in a house, a very big house. Come join us, we'll have a great time. ^^

From your mate,


Anna's heart beated fast. Could the news be a total fraud? A fake? She threw the letter into the air, and rushed into her home, where she packed some food, drinks, and her bow, the old one where she used on the adventure with Matt and the others. She finally left Greenwood Village and went to the town where the Trio lived.

"Oh boy! My heart's pounding! I missed them so much!" she said towards her pet bush. When she arrived at the town, she began to ask people directions, where the trio's house would be. But strange things happenend. When she showed the letter, they all ran away. Confused, she finally asked to a young lady, who said...


Anna is very upset.

"My friends are living there! Can you tell me the way if you are so kind!?" she said.

The young lady just looked at Anna.

"Alright, but when it's night time, get out from that house, as quick as possible." She warned.

Anna's confused now. why would the young lady warn her like that? Matt, Natalie, and Lance live there!
Both of them finally walked into a cemetery, and found an old abandoned house.

"Here's the house that you searched. Heed my warning, madam. Get out while you still can." she said.

Anna only nodded, but in her mind, she wonders why the young lady said that.

Anna walked to the porch step and knocked the ginormous door.

"Coming!!!" a beautiful sound from the inside is heard.

When Anna looked back, the young lady disappeared. She couldn't disappear into thin air! If she's gone,she should be visible to her keen eye. suddenly, the door  opened, and a figure of a woman, ginger haired,tied with ribbons,and wore a beautiful red dress appeared.

"Natalie!!!" Anna yelled happily and hugged the woman, and the woman hugged her back too.

"Anna, we missed you so much!" the woman,Natalie, said while a smile is showed.

"I miss you too!!!" Anna said.

Natalie let her guest come in, and showed a large guestroom, with a pair of big sofa's, and a luxurious looking chair. the fireplace is lit with a magic fire, which she knew it's Natalie's magic. The chandelier shined brightly, shimmering the light from the fireplace. Anna quickly sat down to one of the sofa's while Natalie went to call the others.

"Ah, I met my old friends again!" she said, and heard a meow. She looked down under the sofa, and found NoLegs, that of course, grew bigger.

"NoLegs!!!" She said and grab NoLegs, while the small cat meowed.

"I see you've found NoLegs" a sound of a man is heard. Anna looked back and found 2 men, one had deep blue eyes, and blonde hair, wearing old pirate clothes, while the other had red crimson eyes and dark brown hair, wearing an old commander suit. 

"MATT!!!LANCE!!!!" Anna said.

The blonde one,Matt, replied "HEY ANNA!!!" while the brown one,Lance, just smiled. Anna looked at her friends.

"I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!" Anna said.

"WE ALL MISS YA, ESPECIALLY LANCE!!!" Matt yelled in glee,while of course, the commander blushed.

Anna is gonna hug them, but halted by NoLegs that meowed and purred.

"Aww, I miss ya too,NoLegs.^^" she said, while she noticed a small note is in NoLegs' mouth. She quickly grab it and put it into her pouch.

"Hey, let me show you where you could sleep. ^^" Natalie said.

Anna nodded "I would love-" She remembered the warning that the young lady said

Whenn it's night time, get out from that house, as quick as possible. Get out while you still can.

Anna quickly shook her head, the lady dosen't know that her friend lives here, why would she want her to leave?

"Anna? You okay?" Lance asked.

"Yeah, I'm just thinking of something." She said.

"Good! Because we'll have dinner later ^^" Matt said.

"Is there anything that you think besides food and swords?" Natalie sighed and facepalmed.

"Nope :3 " Matt replied, that made Anna giggled.

Theyy all went to a room, and when they opened the door and turnedon the lights, it's showed a luxurious room, with a king sized bed,a bathroom, and some toys.

"Whoa..." Anna said, amazed.

"Get some rest while Natalie makes the meal." Lance said.

"Sure!" Anna replied and jumped to the bed, while Matt,Lance,and Natalie went out and close the door.

Curious, she opened the letter inside NoLegs' mouth and shocked.


"WTF!?!?" she yelled and rip the letter.

First the people, second is this....WTH?

"Hey,Anna, the meal is ready ^^." he said.

"Oh boy!!!" Anna smiled and went to the dining room, where Natalie is setting the meals.

"Hey ^^" Natalie smiled.

Anna smiled back and sat  down on one of the chairs. While they were having dinner, it was fun, but Anna was still thinking about the woman. After she took a meal, she took a bath at the bathroom. But something shocked her. When she washed her hair, the water turned into blood, and suddenly, a quick blackout. 


When the lights turned back on, some writings were shown at the walls and it's made of blood.


"WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?" Anna quickly looked at the writings, and the blood turned back to water again.

"Strange..." Anna could only say and quickly cleaned her body and changed her clothes. when she went to the door, Natalie was holding her hands.

"Where are you going?" Natalie asked.

"I need to get back to Greenwood Village."  Anna replied.

"Aww...already? Why don't you go on a sleepover? Just one night?" Natalie begged.

Anna thought and smiled. 

"Sure, it's a long time that I didn't sleep with you guys." Anna said, and Natalie hugged her.

"Thank you so much!!!" Natalie said.

Anna smiled, but she felt that she regretted that decision.

When she went to her bedroom, she got shocked. The young lady that she met, appeared in the middle of her room.


"You didn't heed my warning..." the lady said.


"Now you will pay the consequences...." the lady said and disappeared.

Anna is frightened now. First the people, second the bathroom incident, third is this lady. 

Uh oh, here comes the scary part of the story! Don't scream! *coveres ears* Oh one last thing, I'll go faint now. *faints*

"This is bad!" Anna said, and suddenly the lights went off.

"NATALIE!? LANCE!? MATT!?" Anna called her friends, but they didn't reply. Worried, she looked at a lantern and lit it with her magic. she walked through the corridors, passed the living room, and went to the kitchen, where she found Matt, Lance, and Natalie is sitting on their chairs, strangely, they looked like they're dead...

Gah! The scariest part is here! Prepare to read it! *shields head* One last thing, I'M AFRAID OF THE SCARIEST STORY PARTS (L-like t-this o-one!) *shivers while typing*

"Matt? Natalie? Lance?" Anna began to be worried, and touched Matt's shoulders. Suddenly, Matt gripped her hand, and his head turned 180 degrees.

"EEKKK!!!!" Anna yelped.

Matt's forehead is covered with bandages, but his head is bleeding. His eyes turn black, while his pupil is still blue, but red liquid came out from his eyes and mouth. His clothes is also covered in blood.

"Why aren't you sleeping yet?" Matt said and smile creepyly.

"GAAHH!!! LET GO!!!" Anna shrieked.

Anna looked at Natalie, who's also like Matt, the diference is, her head isn't covered with any bandages, and her chest has a hole that keep leaking red blood,also her neck looked like it as cut off. While Lance is mostly like Matt and Natalie. His forehead is bandaged, eyes and mouth that leak red blood, neck that was cut off, but his clothes showed that it was torn apart. his body's looked like it was restitched.

"You need to go to sleep..." Natalie said. (I stole that part from Jeff the Killer. He he! :3)

"GAAAHHHH!!!! PLEASE!!!! LET GO OF ME!!!!" Anna cried.

"Why? We're your friends, right?" Lance said and smiled.

"NO!!! YOU GUYS ARE DEAD!!!!" She yelled.

Matt released his grip. Anna quickly ran away.

"....We're no longer her friend..." Natalie said, frowned.

AAAAAAAAAAAH! This one's even scarier than the one above! It looks like Anna wont have a will to survive Matt, Natalie and Lance, the killers. Do you think she will survive and escape the haunted house?

"Well....let's get her!" Matt said and the others nodded, to chase her. Matt grab a kitchen knife, Natalie grab her winged staff, while Lance grab his gunblade,and started to chase Anna.

Anna ran away from her friends-no, the monsters that pretend to be her friends. She went to the door and tried to open the door.

"IT'S LOCKED!!!" She said, trying to run away, but she's a bit too late. A kitchen knife is flying and scratched her cheek.

Oh no! Anna's already dead in this part!

"Don't go yet..." Matt said and smiled.

Anna didn't care for her new scar on her cheek, and quickly ran away. When she arrived at her room, she turned off the lantern and hid in the closet. As the monsters arrived, they started searching her.

"Drat! She got away!!!" Natalie said.

"Let's search her!!!" Lance screeched and they closed the door. Once they went away, Anna checked the room. No monsters...

"Where's the key?" she started searching, nothing in her room. She slowly opened the door and start searching. She only found a brass key.

"A brass key?" she thought.

She put it in her pocket and went around, and finally, she founded a brass door.

"Maybe this could be useful..." Anna said and used the brass key, and unlocked the room.

She got shocked. Inside the brass room lies a lot of dead human bodies, their guts are everywhere, and bodies, cut to pieces. She wants to puke, but now is not the right time. She heard footsteps and she quickly hid herself in the pile of guts. When the monsters arrived, they searched her in the room, and couldn't find her.

"But I scent her...." Matt said.

The monsters went out, waiting for her at the front door. After she checked that there's no monster's in the room, she started to search quietly for a way out. She touchd the walls and found a secret passage to the music room, where she searched on and found the door key.

Noooo! The trio killers found her in this part!

"FOUND IT!!!" she said. But a hand touched her head, another one grab her hair, and the last grab her right arm.

"WE FOUND YOU!!!" Matt said.

"Help...me...." Anna said while her feet felt frozen.

Noooooooooooo! The trio killers killed her in this part!

"Let's have fun till the sun comes." The three monsters said and dragged her to the eternity darkness...

"GYAAAAAA!!!!! MY FRIENDS ARE GONNA KILL ME!!!!!" Anna screamed out loud, but no one ever heard her. The next day, the villagers never saw the green haired girl ever again...

Back at Greenwood Village...

Some of Anna's friends were worried since she didn't return for a long time. Of course, until Anna's best friend, Annastasia, found a letter from Anna herself....

Dear Annastasia,

It's me, Anna. I live with my friends on a very big house at the town that I was visiting last time. Hope you could come here.


"Anna!!!" Annastasia said in glee and do as the letter told her. As she arrived and knocked the door, Anna with a beautiful green dress, appeared.

"Hey Annastasia ^^"

Okay, here's my story. Pretend that I live in Greenwood Village.

I may have seen Anna smile, but at night, I may see her true bloody face, and her neck was cut off clean, her green dress will be all bloody...and the same thing repeated...

Years passed and now, my best friend Annastasia was missing. After a long time of work, I got a mysterious letter from Annastasia...

Dear Mana,

I missed you very very very much. I live with Anna and her friends at the house in town, where the 3 heroes tried to search Akron for the first time...



I'll be waiting for you...




(End of story)


What a heart-wrenching story that Anna has been killed. Did you get scared in the scary parts? I hope not, let us guess what will happen next. Thanks for reading. This story was inspired by Creepypasta. Annastasia is not a real name, btw.




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