Am I missing???

2014-05-07 05:14:51 by ManaSakura

Sorry for not being on lately for 2 straight weeks. Ive been very busy with lots of stuff. I think its the time that I should leave NewGrounds now. Goodbye everyone! I think your lives will be better without me.


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2014-05-07 05:34:02

awww don't say that :( we'll miss you a lot ..

(Updated ) ManaSakura responds:

Should I or should I not stay? I'm bad at picking answers! Waaaah! *cries in a corner*


2014-05-07 07:42:27

It's okay I disappear for yesrs at a time.

ManaSakura responds:



2014-05-09 02:32:03

Why would you leave, there's so much fun to be had here !

ManaSakura responds:

I could not take it anymore. Most of all, I sometimes feel stupid, let me upload a movie before leaving.


2014-05-11 09:25:11

WHAT?! No you must stay! :c

ManaSakura responds:

I dont know if I wanna stay or not. Please, help me! *cries forever*