Lookie, lookie...

2014-06-09 23:27:31 by ManaSakura

Lookie, lookie, someone drew me! It was drawn by my Scratch follower, ma1moona. I is proud of it.

Click this link to see it: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/23409708/

Dont I look handsome? Lolz, just kidding, it is my persona who looks handsome. Thing is, the cat head on my shirt is missing, I still like it though.


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2014-06-10 00:40:52

nice, you like megaman X? cool :D

ManaSakura responds:

Yeah, I like Megaman X. Suits my personality.


2014-06-10 02:08:53

i almost beat megaman X1 a month ago without dying once. :( I died at sigma...

ManaSakura responds:

Whoa, just make sure that you dodge them well. I beat all the Megaman X and Zero games without getting hit once on Hard mode.


2014-06-10 07:15:14

Nicee! :D

ManaSakura responds:

ma1moona thanks you. I really love it. Its the chibi version of me.