2014-06-16 21:54:13 by ManaSakura

OH MY FUDGING GOD! I saw a tarantula while I was making a Crash Man cake for my brother. It was as big as a hand and I had to get out of my house before it attacks me and my family. And I refused to step in to the kitchen for 1 week. God, I'm such a scaredy-cat.


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2014-06-16 22:34:46

I wouldn't even come near the kitchen for the rest of my life..

ManaSakura responds:



2014-06-16 22:56:38

Aww, if they're that big, shouldn't be any problems catching and releasing him/her. They don't hardly bite if you deal with them gently. Either that, or make a loop out of duct tape get to grab him and just get him out of the kitchen O_o I use duct tape to capture stink bugs, otherwise... :p

ManaSakura responds:

Id let my big sister do that because I hate spiders! And I had to lock myself in my room until the tarantula is dead.


2014-06-16 23:07:32

Omg.If I were you..I run far away :D

ManaSakura responds:

Oh my Godcat!


2014-06-17 00:00:21

I actually wouldn't worry about them too much. Good idea putting it outside. As far as tarantulas go, they won't fight you unless you provoke them. They usually just eat bugs and in some cases birds, attacking humans is not on their list of things to do. :P

ManaSakura responds:

Well, I accidentaly provoked it by screaming and then running out of my house with my family.


2014-06-17 01:04:25

Double checking, could have been cool to keep it as a pet since they also eat snakes. :3 Counter one bad thing with another. :P

ManaSakura responds:

You know, I dont keep insects as pets. -_-


2014-06-17 07:23:26

Better enjoy your 2nd amendment rights while we still have them; make a rubber band gun!

ManaSakura responds:

Hows that?


2014-06-17 09:53:42

You've never used rubber bands to try and hit things like flies and such?

ManaSakura responds: